Smitten Forum 2014 took place at Arrowmont School of Crafts located in Gatlinburg, TN from January 4-10. 17 makers gathered for one week in the studio.


Here is a list of participants and their websites:

Michael Dale Bernard

Nisa Blackmon

Sara Brown

Jim Charles

Kat Cole

Bob Ebendorf

Christopher A. Hentz (Chris’s Cables)

Mi-Sook Hur

Nicole Jacquard

Andrew Kuebeck

Zachery Lechtenberg

Barbara McFadyen

Barbara Minor (Barbara’s Enamels)

Mary Hallam Pearse

Marissa Saneholtz

Marlene True

Laura Wood


A catalog was created in conjunction with this event. It includes images of work made by each participant, in progress bench shots taken throughout the course of  the event, several essays, and recipes of food and drinks made nightly by participants. A copy can be purchased here.


We would like to send out a special thank you to Jason Bige Burnett for inviting us to organize Smitten Forum 2014. He had been hosting an event called Surface Forum for ceramicists at Arrowmont for 2 years previous and is now a major contributor to the Arrowmont Penticulum. Go Craft World!


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