Smitten Forum 2017 took place at Medocino Art Center located in Mendocino, CA from January 1-8. 14 makers gathered for one week in the studio.



Here is a list of participants and their websites:

Martha Banyas

Sara Brown

Andy Cooperman

Nicole DesChamps-Benke

Maria Eife

Jeffery Georgantes

Julia Heineccius

Yevgeniya Kaganovich

Heidi Lowe

Beverly Penn

Marissa Saneholtz

Rachel Shimpock

Katja Toporski

Leia Zumbro

A catalog is being created in conjunction with this event. It will include images of work made by each participant, in progress bench shots taken throughout the course of the week, several essays, and recipes of food and drinks made nightly by participants. The catalog will be for sale once it is complete.